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Birth Center birthroom in Pleasant Grove

Birth Centers in Utah County

Have you been looking for another way to have your baby? A home away from home? A place that is fully equipped for safety, but has a relaxing and caring attitude for women and birth?

When you walk through the doors at Birthing Your Way, you will find yourself among friends. Women who will come to know you and care about not only your pregnancy, but will care about you as a client and friend.

Come and see our spacious birth room and our spa like waterbirth room. We have carefully arranged everything we can for your comfort and safety during this precious time.

Safety is our first concern, and of course we want a healthy mom and baby, but there is so much more beyond that, that we can provide for you. A caring and gentle environment to have your baby in. A time to celebrate you and your new growing family.

Pleasant Grove
90 East 200 South
Pleasant Grove, Utah 84062

489 West 100 South
Provo, Utah 84061

For mothers and families who would like something between a hospital birth and a home-birth, we offer two lovely birthing centers devoted to the laboring mother.

Our beautifully appointed suites offer a relaxed, home like environment for women and families who would prefer to not deliver at home, yet have the comfort of home.

Not only are our birthing rooms appointed with a comfortable queen size bed, , fireplaces, and fridge, a water-birth option is available complete with a tub designed for labor.

Our birthing centers offer:

  • Kitchen to bring food for the labor and postpartum stay with your own fridge.
  • Waiting area for family to be close at hand.
  • Play area for children during prenatal visits and the birth.
  • Features such as adjustable lighting and aromatherapy to help you relax.
  • Beautiful decor including stained glass windows.

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