Birthing Your Way, LLC

Midwives Heather Shelley, CPM, LDEM, and Teresa Blair, CNM, WHNP, work together to provide a more personal birth experience at home or at our birth suites. As well as midwifery services, Teresa and Brianna can provide women’s health services.

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Serving Utah

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Birth Suite
A relaxed, home-like environment for women and families who would like to deliver outside of the hospital.
The Midwives
Heather, Karla, and Hannah are caring and skilled midwives who work together to provide exceptional and personalized care.
Water Birth
We offer the option of laboring and birthing in the water. Being immersed in warm water naturally decreases pain.
Well Woman
Comprehensive well woman care includes annual exams, contraception, pregnancy testing and sexual infection testing.
Centered Care
Centered care combines the benefits of group support and education with individualized one-on-one care.
Herbal Boutique
We offer a great selection of herbal products, supplements, and natural remedies to support a healthy pregnancy.