• The base price for full care starts at $5000.
  • Repeat clients are eligible for special pricing.  Please call for details.
  • We can discuss a payment plan that accommodates your personal needs.
  • Special pricing is available for repeat clients.  Please contact us for details.
  • Late-to-care transfer discounts are available after 30 weeks with proof of prior care.
  • Full payment is due by 36 weeks.

How does the clinic work?  Who will I see for care?

  • Your care is primarily managed by our midwives, with the doctor’s involvement as needed or as desired by the mother.
  • Dr. Baird will be available for clinic at least two times a month for those needing to see him.  All other clinic care will be done by the midwives.

The advantages of doctor involvement?

This is your birth, and our goal is to make sure that have to safest and most amazing birth possible.  Our doctor is here to make sure that you are able to have the birth experience that you want and be available should you need his services.

The majority of services will be provided by our midwives.  Dr. Baird’s services are available as add-ons.


You will receive the same compassionate care that you would receive at a midwife-only birth center.


Higher risk patients or those needing more medical care are handled by the doctor.


Prescriptions can be written as needed.


Advanced care is given without changing providers.


More complications in labor can be handled by our doctor without the need to transfer to a hospital. (Examples: vacuum delivery, Pitocin, breech, twins)


Patients can outline the doctor's involvement at the birth in any capacity. From just being on-premise in case of an emergency to catching a baby, the choice of our doctor's involvement is up to you.


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