Frequently Asked Questions

Can I eat or drink while in labor?

We do not restrict you from eating or drinking while in labor. We encourage you to stay hydrated and healthy.

Can I bring my own Doula?

We love working with Doulas at a birth. If you have one that you have already chosen make sure that you talk to your midwife so that we can meet her and talk about your birth plan.

How many people can be with me?

We don’t restrict how many people that you wish to have at your birth. This is a personal decision and many of our mothers want their family at this special event. We only ask that they are responsible and make sure that they are healthy enough to be in the room with you.

Can I have an all female staff?

You may request that all of our staff are female at your prenatal appointments and your birth. This does mean that Dr. Baird will not be able to assist at your birth or any prenatal appointments, but this is entirely up to you.  This is your birth and want you to feel comfortable.

Do I need to wear a mask in labor?

We do not require you to wear a mask while in labor.

Do you vaccinate after delivery?

We don’t offer vaccinations at our facility. If you choose to vaccinate your newborn, please work with your family care provider and discuss what’s best for your newborn.

Do you offer Vitamin K and Eye Ointment after birth?

We offer these services by request. It is not mandatory, and we will only administer it with the mother’s consent.

Can I have delayed cord clamping after the baby is born?

Yes, this is our standard practice.

Can I have a waterbirth?

Our birth room has a built-in waterbirth tub. If you would like a waterbirth, just let us know and we will have everything ready for your birth.


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